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Decide What You Want Most in a House

After you've begun surveying the territory, and perhaps experienced a reality check regarding what you can afford, create your personalized "ideal house profile". Simply write down possible home features according to three categories:

  • Features that you can't live without, such as number of bedrooms, proximity to work, a good school district, a garage, or space to grow vegetables.
  • Features that you hope for in a house, but that aren't crucial to your decision, such as a lake view, a fireplace, a separate laundry room, and walking distance to a coffee shop.
  • Features that are "absolute no ways," meaning that you know you'll forever be sorry if you buy a house that has them: these tend to be location problems, such as on a busy street, in an area without parking, or in a high-crime or noise area.

Kelowna Real Estate - Deciding on house features.

By knowing what you want and do not want, makes searching for you your next property a much more enjoyable process. Be sure to let Chris know what you find important in a property, this will save taking time out of your day to look at houses that don't suit your wants and needs.

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